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Moist Towels for HOTELS & CASINOS

provision of moist towels in hotels, motels and resorts & casinos enhances the stay of any guest whilst offering additional benefits to management and staff in a variety of areas. ideally suited to guest room amenities and dining facilities, moist towels are extremely versatile, and can be used anywhere, anytime and offering excellent service.

moist towels enhance the image of any business, you provide your Customers with a more hygienic way.

We produce disposable square flat sachets from different sizes to choose from  or disposable Oshibori rolls made of 93% cotton & 7% viscose. Our Oshibori rolls can be used hot or cold.


Additional applications for moist towels include


Table Games, Poker Room, Sports Book, Lobby Facilities & Concierge ,

Room Service , Mini-Bar , Poolside, Gymnasiums, Activity Centers, Kids Clubs,

Spas & Salon , Box Office, Conference Centers , Gift Shops, Bars, Buffet, Food court, Bowling Area, Movie Theatre, 


take advantage of the unlimited promotional opportunities available by customizing moist towels with the color and design of your corporate image. customized towels give your guests an additional appearance of the glamorous casino by printing upcoming events, shows, package deals, tournaments on it.


Great way to advertize & best service - all at once , for a competitive price.

moist towels - the perfect addition to your existing range of branded amenities