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Moist Towels for RESTAURANTS

ordinary dry napkins dont do the job right !!

many successful restaurateurs and food outlets now provide moist napkins - refreshing towels for their valued customers  to use before or after a meal, as a reflection of their commitment to excellence, or simply to enhance the dining experience.

moist napkins - refreshing towels are ideal when fingers are used instead of cutlery or chop-sticks and offer a superior alternative to ordinary napkins and finger bowls.
customized moist napkins - refreshing towels will also promote and advertise a restaurants name and location

placed on table settings or included in take-away packs, moist napkins - refreshing towels are also perfect for fast food outlets, caterers and food hampers.

with a variety of styles and sizes available, moist napkins - refreshing towels will suit any occasion, and can also be chilled or warmed to further impress your guests.

different  size & fragrance to choose from, with or without antibacterial ingredients.

a modern, contemporary or luxurious elegant look is possible in a satin, flat, glossy or metallic finish.

you name it , we can do it